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Stylish. Sustainable. Easy.

CrazyGreenCool exist for we love of fashion, people, and our world. We aim to democratize sustainable fashion while educating women around the world on what it means, and how it looks, to have a sustainably unique wardrobe. A world where people are paid their worth regardless of their color, sex or background. A place where our fashion desires keep us looking great but don’t pollute our air, lands, and water. 

Our mission is to be the global platform for sustainable fashion, connecting talented designers and consumers. 


We showcase brands that work in one or more of these categories: ethical fashion, small production, vegan, upcycled, recycled, circular fashion, made-by-order, and eco-friendly

Why is this important? 

  • It takes 2,710 liters of water to make a single t-shirt. That is 3 years of drinking water for one person. 
  • Apparel industry generates 10% of the global carbon emissions. 
  • 20% of industrial water pollution comes from textiles treatments and dyes.
  • Non-biodegradable fabrics, used in 72% of the clothes you own, sit in landfills for 200+ years.
  • Most garment makers are paid far below a living wage, only $97 per month in Bangladesh.
  • The normal working schedule for garment workers in most manufacturing countries is 96 hours per week.
  • 80% of garment workers are women.

Join us as we pull together fashion-forward, sustainable collections and connect you with designers and brands that align with your values while making you feel unique and stylish.

We are based in Boulder, Colorado (US) right under the beautiful Flatirons. We’d love your feedback, so you can drop us a line at silvia@crazygreencool.com.

Look great while doing good.

Let us help.

We curate a collection of the most coveted, limited edition and eco-friendly styles from emerging worldwide designers and send them straight to your inbox.